My life is being ruined by two gays who are controlled by a man in a yellow hat.

Nowhere in my childhood did I ever foresee this being my future.

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Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now) [Live]

#seriously blaine anderson owns this school #stealing tots #that same lunch lady not caring if he takes a 15 second short cut through there #taking over glee club - something that even rachel berry couldnt do without mutinity #feet on the tbale in the library #making everyone dress up as superheros #our tiny dictator

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i’m assuming he was wearing only the thong here since he put on his cheerio pants later

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Season 1 of Glee


Season 2 of Glee


Season 3 of Glee


Season 4 of Glee


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#these cute idiots  #i can’t get over how happy santana seems  #it’s like the anger has seeped right out of her and she’s so much lighter  #the snark without the bite  #and she’s having the time of her life with these two roommates of hers  #it’s easy to believe her when she says rachel and kurt are her family and she has love for them  #i can see it 

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